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The cantor (in Greek called "protopsaltes") Theodoros Vassilikos had his early lessons in Byzantine music by his father Alexander, an expert in this kind of music and famous cantor in many cathedrals of Athens and other Greek towns like Agrinio and islands like Tinos.

Theodoros's teacher was Theodoros Hatzitheodorou, professor of the Greek Odeum of Athens.

At the age of 15, was set second chanter in the holy temple of St. Panteleimon in Trahones, after two years in the holy temple of St. John Chrysostom in Nikaia and at the age of 18 was set first chanter in the holy temple of St. Katherine in Plaka. Since then, has been cantor in many churches such as the holy temple of the Holy Cross in Aigaleo, St Nicolaos in Pireaus, the cathedral of St. Minas-Iracleios in Crete and holy establishment of Evagellistria in Tinos. Since 1973 he has been cantor in the holy temple of St. Thomas in Ampelokipoi.

He has been chorister in the choir "St. Roman the Melodist and St. John of Damaskos" under the conduction of Antonios Belousis. He has also participated as a corister in all the concerts of the great cantor Thrasivoulos Stanitsas.

Theodoros participated as a solist in John Markopoulos' album titled "Seirines".

He has created four 50-membered choirs. The two of them were sponsored by the Ministry of Economics and the Ionian Bank. Today a conductor of the choir named "BYZANTINE MUSIC GROUP - THEODOROS VASSILIKOS".

Theodoros has given many concerts all around Greece, both with his choirs and as a solist. Collaborated with many radio and TV stations. He has studio recorded most of the hymns and holy services of the Orthodox Church. He has released more than 200 titles on cassettes and CDs. At the request of the French company OCORA he recorded 23 opuses of classic Byzantine composers of the 14th, 18th and 19th century like John Koukouzelis, Petros Bereketis, Petros Lampadarios, Theodoros Fokaeus, John Protopsaltes and many others. Many pieces from that collection are now in the Louvre museum, many universities in Europe and US and in big music stores.

He is one of the pioneers in the popularisation of byzantine music abroad. Invited three times by the archibishops of America and Australia, Iakovos and Stylianos to chant for the Greek emigrants. He and his choir has also been invited many times in Europe, America, Australia and Africa. One of those times, in 1980 in Paris (France) he conducted the "Funeral Service". This concert was live broadcasted by 12 European radio stations.

In 1989, Theodoros gave a concert with his choir in the Vatican (Rome, Italy) at St. Peter's Square in front of the Pope John-Paul II, his cardinalls and 60000 people.

He has composed the soundtrack for the tragedy of Aeschylus "Prometheus" in Byzantine music.

The French Academy of Arts honoured him with the CHARLES�CROSS prize for his double album "The Two Holy Services of John Chrysostomos and Basil the Great". He has also been honored many times for his lifework in Greece and Cyprus.

For fourty years now, he has dedicated his life in spreading Orthodoxy through the byzantine music, and preserve it as one of our most precious heritages.

For the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.