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The choir was founded in 1977 by Theodoros Vassilikos who was teached by his father Alexandros and the famous Byzantine cantor Theodoros Hatzitheodorou.

He has been cantor in many temples and cathedrals of Athens and Pereaus, Crete and Tinos. Since 1972 he has been cantor in the holy temple of St. Thomas in Ampelokipoi. The choir consists of the best chanters of Greece. It is dedicated to spread the Byzantine music all around Greece and abroad.

For more than a decade, the choir was sponsored by the Ionian Bank and the Greek Ministry of Economics.

Tha choir has been invited from time to time by the Patriarchs of America and Australia, organizations and vectors of foreign countries like the French Radio FRANCE and mayors of many French cities like Rens, Lans, Avignon etc.

Untill now, the choir has performed in the following places:

1980: Paris (Saint Denis). In front of 6000 people it performed the Byzantine funeral service. The concert was live broadcasted by 12 European radio stations.
1982: Munich - Berlin - Paris - London - Liverpool (Europe)
1983: Avignon - Paris - Habre - Brussels (Europe)
1984: Sidney - Melbourn - Perth (Australia)
1985: Montreal - Torondo (Canada) - Paris - Geneva (Europe)
1986: New York - New Jersey (North America)
1987: San Francisco - Virginia (North America)
1988: Los Angeles - Seatle - San Antonio (North America)
1989: Pittsburg - Philadelphia - Washington (North America) - Rome. After an invitation from the Vatican, the choir performed in St. Peter's square in front of the Pope John-Paul II and thousands of people. Lefkosia - Larnaka - Lemesos - Holy Monastery of Kykkos and Mahaira (Cyprus)
1990: Cleveland - Boston (North America) Paris - Berlin - Strasb´┐Żurg (Europe)
1991: Melbourn - Sidney (Australia) - Mon Pelie - Toulouz (Europe)

Theodoros Vassilikos has studio recorded tens of albums with his choir.